With the new season off and running, a healthy amount of attention is on the NFL jerseys for this year.

While only the Cleveland Browns fully revamped their field uniform, all 32 teams have made alterations to their jerseys: from the new gold-trimmed team logos and patches in honor of the Super Bowl’s 50th anniversary to throwbacks from past seasons to new alternatives in preparation of the voluntary “color vs. color” rule change for Thursday Night Football games, changing the requirement that the visiting team must wear white.

With Nike continuing its contract with the NFL, the modification introduced to the jersey lines – including the use of lightweight materials and added technology such as Flywire collars and zoned mesh ventilation – makes an appearance this year.

For the well-dressed NFL fan, this season offers a litany of choices in authentic Nike NFL jerseys. Whether you want an exact replica of the jersey your favorite player wears on the gridiron or a comfortable game shirt to wear while you cheer on your team, a perfect jersey is out there for you. With the NFL and Nike expanding their selections for the growing women’s and children’s game-wear markets, this season offers one of the best selections of sports jerseys and game memorabilia in recent memory.

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Buffalo Bills

On-Field Changes

With the exception of the golden Super Bowl patch, the Bills have not introduced significant changes to their home or visiting uniforms.


The team’s “standing buffalo” throwback likely returns to the rotation this season. Used as a “third jersey” or alternative since 2013, it can only be worn a maximum of twice a season, as stated in the NFL’s rules on alternative uniform use. Be on the lookout.


Royal blue layered with red-outlined letters and sleeve stripes produces a team jersey with classic appeal.


The Bills’ classic white jersey incorporates the team’s signature red, white, and blue.

Since 2012, Nike has been the NFL’s official uniform provider, taking over from Reebok after a more than 15-year absence. Nike’s Elite 51 field-wear is lighter, stronger, and more durable than Reebok’s offerings, making it a favorite for the vast majority of NFL franchises (the Raiders, Packers, Eagles, Falcons, and Panthers all have opted to keep their Reebok designs, although Nike makes fan jerseys for the entire league).

In the fan market, jerseys come in three styles:

The Nike NFL Elite Jersey is the closest facsimile of the Elite 51 jersey available to fans. With zone-stretched fabric, flexible twill numbers, water-repelling fabric, and heat zones’ strategic ventilation, this jersey is comfortable both on and off the field. The Elite Jersey has an athletic cut that fits snugly over the shoulders and chest and has a no-tag neck label. The Elite Jersey also has the Flywire collar, which prevents stretching around the neck. Of all the teams who use Elite 51 jerseys, only the Cowboys, Patriots, Texans, and Steelers do not use the Flywire collar.

Elite jerseys are the top of the line, with prices ranging from $99.99 to $294.95 at Fanatics. Elite jerseys are only available in men sizes.

The Nike NFL Game Jersey is a casual, lightweight entry jersey. With a no-tag neck label and silicon printed numbers, the jersey is both comfortable and price-conscious. Prices for game jerseys range from $14.99 to $174.95 at Fanatics.

Somewhere between the Elite and Game jerseys is the Limited Jersey. With the Elite Jersey’s Flywire collar, heat zone ventilation, no-tag neck label, and twill numbers, the Limited NFL Jersey is a compromise between value and performance and a good choice for someone who wants the feel of a field jersey without the price. Limited jerseys range from $24.99 to $159.95 at Fanatics.

In recent years, it has grown easier to buy knockoff or non-licensed NFL jerseys. On a cursory search for NFL jerseys online, a litany of fake NFL jersey sites appear. There is no guarantee of craftsmanship for these shops or their products, and likely these sites feature jerseys that utilize materials or construction techniques that differ from those of NFL-licensed manufacturers. If you are seeking a quality NFL jersey and are not best friends with a franchise’s equipment manager, the only sure way to get one is to deal with a licensed, reputable dealer.

Most fakes can be spotted with a watchful eye. Real Nike jerseys have a rubberized NFL shield on the collar, printed or completely sewn-in neck tags, forward-facing Nike Swooshes at the shoulder, and a hologram NFL/Nike tag on the left sleeve. Both Reebok and Nike jerseys have matte, flexible number patches, and Reebok utilizes vector embroidered graphics, which is difficult to fake cheaply.

Finally, if a sale feels too good to be true, it probably is. Reputable dealers will not risk their reputations selling jerseys below cost or auctioning them, as it would suggest that they are peddling fakes. Be cautious of who you buy from and seek out independent reviews if you have questions or doubts; if you are spending your money on the latest in fan wear, you should make sure you are getting your money’s worth.

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